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4. 9 m) Super Silt Fence = 1000 ft (303 m) of slope, watershed width equivalent to receiving sediment filter, 1 in/ 24 hr (25 mm/24 hr) rain event. Vegetative filter strips f. by 30" long, to 8" dia. Different sizes of Filter Soxx correspond to the various sizes of silt fence or super silt fence. Dewatering socks come in many standard sizes, as well as custom builds, to fit most discharge hoses, ducts, and pipes. But fear not! The sock fairies are here with the answers to all your sock size questions. So, a men’s 10-13 sock size will typically fit U. Sock sizes are based upon the length of the foot while shoe sizes are based upon the length of the shoe. Ultra-Pipe Filter Sock. They are available in 8" or 12" in diameter. 5 EU: 36-38. Start your flow Sock sizing can be somewhat difficult due to the fact that sock sizes are different from shoe sizes. erosion prevention and sediment control filter sock. Dia galvanized fence posts (31 FlexTran's Silt Sock is sometimes referred to as Silt Soxx, Filtrexx, silt snakes, e tubes, silt worms, and biodegradable logs. regular silt fence filtrexx sock (available in sizes 9” to 32”) coir logs; 2. In general, this is what we’d cast on for a regular size, men’s and women’s: Hanes Geo Components 100-ft x 36-in Black Contractor Silt Fence. Item #SFS8-5 our 8"dia. 00 12" standard. It does not damage tree roots like silt fence trenching. STEP 6 Silt Socks are a filter fabric sock filled with wood chips or compost. US SIZE SOCK SIZE SHOE SIZE AGE XS 6 - 7. 2 Discharge, Q, in cfs for different orifice sizes and head above orifice (ft). We have the capability to install compost filter sock and compost silt sock of all sizes throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions. erosion and aids in establishing vegetation on the filter sock. For stormwater detention and infiltration solutions, consider and compare the ADS StormTech® Chamber System and LandMax Stormwater Management System®. 0 Clay & Clay loam 7. 747. The Ultra-Pipe Filter Sock construction BMP is one of the easiest ways to filter out silt, sediment and other materials as they flow from vertical or head wall pipes located around your site. Ultra-Pipe Filter Socks and Ultra-Self-Bailers are construction BMPs that connect to drain fittings, filtering Ultra-Pipe Filter Sock Sizes and Specifications  Sock Filling Cones available in 5 sizes to fill the following sized sediment control filter socks: 8 inch red poly cone; 12-inch filter sock; 18-inch filter sock; 24-inch  Wood Fiber Coir Logs are also placed offshore to reduce wave action to ensure sedimentation and vegetation. ter sock is a linear, land-based treatment that removes stormwater pollutants through filtration of soluble pol-lutants and sediments and by deposition of suspended solids (fig. li/filtersocks Filter socks are often used in saltwater tanks to keep the water column free of particles so your water looks crystal clear. $2. No. DRAIN-SLEEVE is recommended for the protection of all underground drainage systems in all soil types. 5 2 - 5. Fairfield, IA 52556. It should be installed anywhere sediment can flow off the site, and is designed to intercept  Land Drain Pipe Filter Sock Geotextile 110mm - 50m from Alliance. 6 Rolls of 3-1/2 ft. , 9 ga. Silt Sock’s products also reduce heavy metals, minerals, and nutrients. Various FlexTran silt sock colors are available, including green, orange and black. The Eel can be used in place of: rock check dams, silt fence, compost socks and many other. Fits Pipe Size: 6 in. 5 WWG 32" x 330" Field Wire 70 Gram Fabric: 12: Wire Back Silt Fence: 3' x 110' 14. Hardwood Stakes: Made from hardwood and available in 24", 36" and 48" sizes and made specific for holding and positioning erosion control products. 1. Sediment Traps 45 3. Construction and Reclamation Plan Preparation The Construction and Reclamation Plan is drawn up and submitted on Form WW-9 to the DEP, Office of Oil and Gas, with a well work Pipe Sock Installation. • 50% more design capacity and flow through than silt fence. 18mm, which is the spec probably 98% of the time. SHIPPING NOTE: These filters ship from Chandler, AZ via US Mail or Fed-Ex Ground. Place the other end of the pipe sock around your hose/pipe. 4539 | T: 336. lumber and timbers can be milled, sized and cut to customer’s specifications. Photo 1 – Filter socks used to form a 'sag' inlet sediment trap. The Silt Sock is an effective perimeter control device when used properly. Please allow a week lead time for bags made with a geotextile with a . The design of the sock provides intimate contact with the ground preventing water from flowing underneath. 1801 West Stone Ave. Erosion Control Sock Our Filtrexx® brand Erosion Control Sock is a mulch filled, plastic/fabric mesh tube that is staked to the ground to help prevent sediment loss caused by water runoff. Designed to address stormwater runoff, our filter socks serve the dual purpose of filtering water flows and preventing further erosion from the site. Stratex silt socks are filled with a large diameter gravel or rock such as scoria to allow easy flow of water through the sock, capturing the silt Size: 150mm x 1m All compost filter socks had significantly lower turbidity relative to bare soil, and the addition of the polymer to the compost filter sock The plots were sized. Contractors and stormwater inspectors prefer this product over straw wattles or silt fence for ease of use and better erosion control. Rip rap h. Both are fantastic options that are specifically designed for heavy duty construction equipment. All units come folded and rolled into the sizes shown. terrafix® offers a variety of products to help your next geosynthetic project. Explore sizes below or custom dewatering bags & other sizes available. Filter socks are sediment-trapping devices using compost inserted into a  Available in a range of sizes inc, 65mm, 100mm slotted with filter sock. It is particularly suited for use in sandy and silty soil conditions. Installation: a. Sediment Filter Bags, also known as Dirt Bags or Filter Pump Bags, are designed to control and filter silt and sedi-ment-laden water during dewatering activities. Super silt fence is more durable than standard contractor grade silt fence. 520ft roll. 0 Course sand or gravel 9. $39. Stripe option that is stitched to the length of the sock. As each individual SuDS system is different, they are individually fabricated to take into account water flow rates and ground conditions that differ from site to site. e tube silt sock Size of Hole 3 No No Material 3 No No Media 3 No No Flow Rate 3 No No Tensile Strength 3 No No Longevity 3 No No Diameter 3 3 3 What makes Filtrexx mesh different? Unlike fence or inferior sock, Filtrexx lets water through while keeping silt and clay inside the Soxx. Silt Socks are a sediment reduction device. , silt, clay) as Table 6. women's shoe sizes 5-10. You can also custom cut the continuous pallet into unique wattle sizes. Each Taurus Dewatering Bag is constructed from a robust geotextile filter fabric to catch and contain sediment as it is pumped from your site. Compost filter socks are a great alternative to any silt fence or perimeter control device. Our sock tutorials have become quite popular and we have been getting loads of questions about sizes. ENEPL075 Silt Sock 1m (L) x 150mm Dia ENEPL076 Silt Sock 50m (L) x 150mm Dia. Silt Sock manufactures tube-based products for controlling erosion and reducing sediment. These products are known as silt socks, filter socks, or sediment socks. STEP 2. Dandy Curb Bag Separates Silt From Storm Water, Every Time! For a professional strength inlet filter - call in the reliability and durability of the Dandy Curb Bag. Our standard sock is black, heavy duty FILTREXX DuraSoxx HD, a photo degradable/UV stabilized multi-filament polypropylene, which is suitable for most applications. Topsoil 48 2. Silt Fence with 13 Stakes Roll 3' x 100' MP2000 Wisconsin D. Simply unroll, stretch and continue to drive stakes. SILT SOCK. 2). Title. Silt's particles are larger than clay particles but smaller than sand particles. If you have more questions to the socks size,please do not hesitate to contact us via email. The tubes are filled with properly sized and environmentally sound filter media. $325. Slow The Velocity Of Runoff Flow & Retain Suspended Sediment. . If using optional oil absorbents, place absorbent pillow in pouch on bottom of the unit. Please let us know what type of silt fence you are looking for so our team can quote you on the correct option. PRO TIP. Please use the contact us link to request specific information on Equipment and Fabric for sale or call 608-438-7625. ft. Lay filter sock netting out as planned. Sock sizes may vary by state. pa. Our simple shoe size guides leave you in no doubt about the socks size. Won't rip, tear, or fall down like silt fencing. Silt Fence Type Size Model Quantity per Skid; Wire Back Silt Fence: 3' x 330' 14. The socks are filled with 100% wood recycled from new construction debris. S. If you are looking to convert shoe sizes to sock sizes or Euro The Rubber filled sock is constructed as 1, 2 and 3mtr lengths x 150mm diameter. Email: frankkeystonerr@aol. Prefabricated Wire Back Silt Fence is available in several wire sizes and fabric configurations to meet most state DOT requirements. BioD-SiltCheck™ is available in 9 in X 15 ft. Available Options. Ask your representative. Filled with two inch wood chips Other sizes available by special order INDOT strives to develop, inspect and test materials used to construct and maintains highways, thereby ensuring the most efficient and effective products as used on Indiana transportation construction projects. Learn the IPI Difference where we offer unsurpassed service on every sediment / dewatering bag we carry. Ft. The design of the Silt Sock provides intimate contact with the ground preventing water from flowing underneath. Silt sock is available in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. 5 7. Bridge & Crane Mats: Our crane mats are reliable, quick to setup and highly effective as a level base for equipment and work surfaces. dot. Filled sock. Use & Purposes. • Easily removed and minimal disposal costs. Sediment Basins 45 C. TRAPS AND BASINS 44 -47 1. , or 11. Mesh e tube silt sock. 800-443-7879 Local 641-472-4786 Fax 641-472-4419 Laus Deo (“Praise be to God”) For standard sock installation, a 5 mil Polyethylene Filtrexx™ Filter Soxx™ is used. Filled socks may be used as an alternative to silt fence in many areas, the sock has a lower profile making your project more aesthetically pleasing & easier to access. Ponding occurs when water flowing to the compost filter sock accumulates faster than the hydraulic flow through rate of the compost filter sock. The crust makes it difficult for water and air to get to the soil. 5m (L) • The silt sock does not have to be trenched or disturb any soil. *Based on failure point of 36 in (0. Physical contaminants. 4 and Figure 1. 5-Gauge chain link; 1 Roll 50 ft. Compost filter sock is a tubular mesh sleeve that contains compost of mulched hardwoods, suitable for storm water filtration applications. O. 5-3. Fertilizers & Lime. 3 and 1. the type of fence that must be used. Silt Socks are ideal for sediment control around drains & gutters, as well as erosion control. We also offer: Grass Seed—PSU & Contractor Mix: Other mixes available upon request. 3' Silt Fencing Units Low Cost Estimate High Cost Estimate Sources Comments Materials and Installation Cost $/Lin. We have the capability to deliver compost filter sock and compost silt sock of all sizes throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions. If you are a site contractor in need of silt sock installation, or simply a homeowner in need of perimeter silt sock installation for sediment control; Gilliland Energy can handle it all. Payment: Payment will be at the unit price per  Minimize replacement costs by surrounding any size drain with any quantity, rotating and swapping out when saturated. Temporary vegetation b. Our socks are made in a variety of lengths, sizes & options. Available in 1/2, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, or 200 Micron Sizes. GSI makes SiltTex® Inlet Protection in popular sizes that will fit most standard castings. 11. A silt sock is a tubular-shaped material comprised of a fabric exterior filled with a filter media. It is concluded and modified by our socks expert during the process. sieve. Phone: (215) 768-7027. Determine revegetation needs: a. erosion control methods are very cost competitive for all project sizes and durations, and. No Staking or Trenching required. (Silt Socks) (Silt Soxx) Compost Filter Socks –8” through 32” sock sizes –8” sock not acceptable on commercial sites. According to the USDA Natural Resources of Conservation Service, soil erosion, sedimentation, and surface water turbidity are increased by soil disturbance from urbanization and agricultural development. Silt Sock is a low-cost sediment-trapping device, also to control water flow and You can get them in any size, plus they are manufactured using a high-quality,  We are now manufacturing Pre-Filled Compost Filter Sock shrink wrapped on for Organic Content, Particle Size, pH, CO2 Evolution Rate, Salt Concentration,  Please use the contact us link to request specific information on Equipment and Fabric for sale or call 608-438-7625. The wood mulch used in the sock is an environmentally safe material. The guys around here that do install silt fence use one of those walk behind skidloaders with a trencher and if you buy the fence charge 1. We install and remove E-tube Filter Sock, and you can pick it up from our facility or have us deliver it directly to your job site. 150 mm), while allowing discharge waterto pass through the bag. Applications d. The straw/coconut blend blankets provide erosion control and vegetation establishment assistance for up to three years on slopes up to 1:1 and medium-flow channels. Available in two standard sizes. Direct replacement for silt fence. SILTmasta Silt Socks are designed to go around drains and trap any  Silt socks are made from UV treated woven polypropylene for increased durability and life expectancy. all items are available in different grades. Silt Snake Filter Sock available in the following sizes: 8" x 190' 8" x 10' 12" x 10' 12" x 110' 18" x 10' (special order) 18" x 55' 24" x 10' (special order) The 3 ft. Custom sizes are available on request and are comparably priced. Aussie Environmental supply silt socks in varying sizes, including a 50 metre rolls of continuous silt sock that can be cut to any required length. We stock 15’x15’, 2’x4’, 5’x5’ and 7. So we thought it could be very good to write a quick post about sizing, to help you out with all your questions. The rubber filled silt sock has handles for ease of use and is a premium silt sock compared to traditional geotextile socks. x 4m section or 150mm dia. S: Men's Shoe Size: US: 4-6 UK: 3. Slide the clamp over both the sock and the hose. This is accomplished by a filter fabric filled with 1/2"-2" of material. x 100 ft. Sock installed on vegetated  Our Smaller Silt Socks and Silt Dewatering Bags can be purchased via our online the two types of material is the tensile strength and the pore opening size. Jesery Silt Sock is the best alternative to silt fence. The Filter sock or Filter Sleeve is easily installed onto a slotted well screen or other perforated pipes. Straw/Coconut blend: 70% straw 30% coconut fiber matrix. This is a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), LCRA, and City of Austin approved method. 800ft roll. SpillSmart Silt Socks have been designed to reduce silt A water filter bag from Grainger helps remove sediment from high-flow, industrial water systems and chemical processing-equipment. A sock filter – like the ones sold on this page – can go a long way toward helping you protect the environment and follow Best Management Practices for managing stormwater pollution. 1600 | F: 336. Filtrexx. Dewatering Bag. * Size ( price variation shown in + or -)  These compost filter socks stops pollutants in two ways: more than 100 different types of mesh, varying in size, aperture, tensile strength and raw materials. Model #79428. Other key areas of use are: where trenching of Silt Fence is not possible because of frozen grounds, on paved areas, around sensitive trees where trenching could damage tree growth or in areas where it is unnecessary to disturb established vegetation. They work well with heavy equipment. We were able to stabilize the embankment behind the house without the cost of building a retaining wall by installing geotextile fabric and rip rap, and silt sock. Wisconsin D. Matrax supplies the construction industry with a wide variety of sizes & types of hardwood timber (“swamp”) mats. We maintain a large inventory of pre-filled and palletized sock in the most commonly requested sizes. Erosion Control Services: Silt Fence … However, custom dewatering sock sizes can also be procured on a case-by-case basis. It comes in a variety of different sizes ranging from 8” to 24” diameter with lengths from 10ft up to 180ft. Stake filter sock every 10 ft. DRAIN-SLEEVE filter sock prevents sand and silt from entering and clogging perforated drainage pipes. Compost Filter Sock . SILTmasta Silt Socks are factory fabricated from high quality UV resistant filter fabric. It is a low maintenance reusable environmentally friendly product used for erosion control on jobsites. e. 's and can manufacture D. HANES GEO COMPONENTS – 815 Buxton Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101-1310 Toll Free: 888. This is more likely with mulches of specific sizes and textures. STEP 4 Stake or anchor as required by manufacturer or stated under the approval. This can be used in a number of ways throughout your site to prevent sediment loss such as perimeter protection or to stabilize a stream bank. Contact your local distributer for further information about this product an others in our range. b. 15mm rating. 5 May also fit: Kids' Shoe Size,US: 3Y-5Y Women's Shoe Size: US 4-6 UK 1. • Sediment is stopped in its tracks. Size: 5'. Silt Sock (1) Volm (9) Yardworks (33) Product Type. Silt Socks are used to trap silt and sediment going into drains and gutters. There are no seams to glue or weld due to its durable tubular knit construction. T. 30 – 50% passing 3/8-in. Filter Soxx come in a variety of sizes, and upon approval by your local conservation service can be substituted for traditional silt fences. We stock bags that will contain sediment particles exceeding . They are easy to install and even reusable. 100% Biodegradable erosion control product Easy to Install. 4meter and 50m sizes are available with a Hi. Permanent vegetation B. 5 cu. Color. Kids' Socks are usually labeled with either shoe size, a alpha size (S-M-L) or a specific kids' sock size (number between 0 and 12). It is affordable, efficient and needs very little cleaning. com. This unique capability sets us apart from your average Erosion Control service. Criteria. The continuous pallet is ideal for large and urban projects because it can be installed quickly and easily. iii Prepared Under: Grant No. Fill with compost; then stake (603) 225-4600 US Silt is a leading manufacturer of silt fence, silt sock, straw wattles, grade stakes, erosion control, inlet protection, geotextiles, dewatering bags, safety fence, turbidity curtains and all related products. Additional sizes and styles available! This is the most exciting advancement in erosion control. 5 - 11. JFC design a range of Catchpits/ Silt traps to separate silt and other particles. Shop erosion control wattles & logs and a variety of building supplies products online at Lowes. Will adapt to horizontal or vertical discharges. o The mix of particle sizes in the compost filter material retains as much or more sediment than traditional perimeter controls, such as silt fences or hay bale barriers, while allowing a larger volume of treated water to pass through. It is designed to help with erosion control. Hickenbottom®, Inc. Silt Guard Filter Sock C0620100B. 015 3” to 8” sizes Silt & silt Loam 5. SPECIAL SIZES MADE TO ORDER MR3-100 silt fence used with an existing barrier fence. state. We have the capability to use a variety of materials for filter sock installation in varying sizes. Sock overlap should be in the direction of the flow with 24 inches minimum or as required by local municipality. compost filter berms or compost filter socks instead of silt fences. 9. When a tree or an object falls across a part of the fence only that individual section is damaged unlike conventional fence that may cause several feet to be destroyed. The purpose of The Grate Bag is to collect and filter all of those contaminants such as debris, fertilizers, hydrocarbons, oil, silt particles, sediment, trash and much more. Silt socks are designed to allow you to cut to size to suit  FINN Filter Sock For Permanent or Temporary Sediment Control applications is offered in 8-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch diameter sizes at 500 feet per roll. A silt sock/erosion control tube soaked with water settles firmly on the ground preventing silt laden water from flowing below it. 3. Silt Checks 39 2. Silt Fence 50 D. It’s costly and frustrating when mulch that was laid to stabilize a slope starts to erode. Vis. Filtrexx is the inventor of the compost filter sock (silt sock) for sediment & erosion control, stormwater management, green infrastructure, low impact development,  The mix of particle sizes in the compost filter material retains as much or more sediment than traditional perimeter controls, such as silt fences or hay bale barriers,  Particle size. chain link, silt fence fabric,posts, hog rings, and ties) Wire back silt fence (orange and black) COMPOST FILTER SOCKS Compost filter socks are tubular knitted socks that are pre-filled with organic composts and shavings. The silt sock comes in lengths of 10 feet to 40 feet plus depending on the diameter. D. Silt Guard Filter Sock. SedCatch Dewatering Bag – Sizes & Photos All of our dewatering bags are made with a snout to make the connection with the discharge hose easier and more secure. Note: In some low flow conditions, an 8 in (200mm) perimeter control may replace a 24 in (600mm) silt fence. 6 in. The Extended Life filter bags (POEX and PEEX) provide outstanding performance on many types of contaminants such as gels, particles with wide ranges of sizes, and particles with various irregular shapes. 4. The dewatering sock is inexpensive and cost-effective, saving money that might be spent on other budget items or more expensive filtration equipment. Silt particles measure 0. Straw bales 9. Crumpler Plastic Pipe 6 in. The elastic polyester material allows it to stretch over the outside of the pipe but maintain a snug fit after it is positioned. Patented and designed for use on curb and gutter inlets, the Dandy Curb Bag filters out the most stubborn sediment-laden storm water. It is a complete system that is a vast improvement over old types of silt fence. 1675 Clearing and grubbing sites of all sizes, for all projects. STEP 5 If sediment collects to 1/2 the height of the sock, then a second sock may be placed immediately upslope of the original sock. The silt fence is available in a couple of standard sizes that include roll lengths of either 100 or 330 feet and fence heights of three feet (3'). This compost filter sock is manufactured as both a wattle and a continuous pallet. A range of sizes are available including our custom, ‘made to measure’ service. Filled socks may be used as an alternative to silt fence in many areas. 00 12" heavy duty. We will also custom build … Compost Filter Sock Perimeter Control and Filtration with Compost Socks. Symbol. This filler is inert, free of seed, low in moisture content and incredibly environmentally friendly. of sediment. Silt Socks allow water to flow through at a controlled rate while trapping sediment. ENEPL073 Dewatering Bag 0. Tighten the clamp. We will provide you with our expertise, equipment, and fabric so that you may produce Silt Sock in your own area. 10. < 1%, dry weight. methods that rely on ponding for deposition of solids for sediment control, such as silt fence. Particle size – 99% passing a 2 in (50mm) sieve and a maximum of 40%  Aussie Environmental supply silt socks in varying sizes, including a 50 metre rolls of continuous silt sock that can be cut to any required length. This can create problems when shopping, so it is important to be aware of this fact before making your children's sock purchases. SiltFence meets the requirements of Local Authorities for a primary barrier against site runoff. Size. Save money by using Silt Sock’s superior quality contractors grade silt fence. Silt Sock, Silt Fence, Safety Fence HANES GEO COMPONENTS – 815 Buxton Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101-1310 Toll Free: 888. Jan 06, 2005 · Triangular Silt Dike is a reusable, multipurpose alternative to rock check dams in ditches. The filter cloth is one of the essential ingredients for successful sump pump operation. Silt Socks. Highlights. Order Helpline ☎ 01752 692 221. (603) 225-4600 US Silt is a leading manufacturer of silt fence, silt sock, straw wattles, grade stakes, erosion control, inlet protection, geotextiles, dewatering bags, safety fence, turbidity curtains and all related products. Zero landfill & 100% natural on-site degradation, no need for removal or disposal cost. Filter Sizes: The smaller the micron number, the smaller the holes in the filter material. Custom lengths are also available. This product is predominantly used on the outer perimeters of and around construction sites and often used in place of Silt Fence. replace a 24 to 36 in (600 to 900mm) silt fence. Silt fences e. The Ultra-Pipe Sock is engineered using UltraTech’s Ultra-X-Tex, a durable geo-textile filter media that allows large volumes of water to pass through while absorbing liquid hydrocarbons including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils, and other liquid contaminants. Ultra-Pipe Filter Socks attach directly to a pipe to clear water runoff as it drains from your site. Significant correlations (p < 0. Use silt sock on job sites as an alternative to silt fence to control sediment and to help filter storm water pollutants. More. Mesh netting filled with mulch, compost, or a mix of the two are now used to replace silt fence and erosion check dams. This helps protect surrounding streams, surrounding property, storm sewers and other receiving waters from pollution in addition to minimizing erosion concerns. Part #C0620100B | Manufacturer Part #0620100B. Mesh: Thin, doesn't clog as easily as felt; Felt: Thicker, better at removing particles, but can clog faster Silt Fence Sizes and Options. Stakes should be driven through the center of the sock, and 1 ft into the ground. The drainage issues were solved by installing drain boxes to prevent water from flowing over the embarkment and we leveled and doubled the size of the back yard. 27 Dec 2013 http://brs. Our standard bag sizes are 15' x 15' and 15 'x 10'. Finer grade compost is better for vegetation establishment. fabric; 6 ft. They can be purchased in 120' pallets of six pieces that are 20' long. Silt Fence The 3 ft. Gutterbuddy is a reusable filter that can be formed around or across the curb inlet. 5 AWG 32" x 110 Silt Fence; Silt Sock; Straw Bales; Straw Blankets; We sell all types of gravel sizes, please call for pricing and availability Filter Bags SE-14 Available in sizes included: 1″ thickness by 4″ wide thru 16″ thickness by 16″ wide; lengths from 8′ thru 40′ are available. 00 $ 69 . Sizes and pricing. Filtrexx and GutterGuard silt socks are easy to install around or in front of your storm drains to let water run through, while filtering out the contaminants East Coast Green proudly uses Filtrexx Filter Soxx for all of your mulch and filter sock needs. The only maintenance that may be needed is to remove silt if it has accumulated to more than half the height of the sock or to stitch up small ripped portions. Over flow openings that match the open area of the grate prevent flooding during heavy rain events. Silt Fence – is a woven geotextile fabric fence with hardwood stakes attached. Oct 15, 2003 · os-299 (7-08) publication: pennsylvania transmittal letter pub 464 department of transportation www. All sock users should be aware of federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations or permit requirements for silt sock. Neoprene Sock Sizing . 5m (W) x 1. 89 See additional "Materials and Installation Cost" worksheet. The socks are filled with 100% wood recycled from construction debris. Our composite outrigger pads offer the superior layer of support you need to complete your job on time and within a budget, instead of worrying about stabilization issues. FSC Typical Specifications Construction: The body of the Floating Silt Curtain (FSC) is produced from a Typar ® 3401 How to Fasten a Filter Cloth to a Sump Pit. approved and certified by many state D. Compare; Find My Store. x 50 ft. MIDWEST EROSION SOCK 513-218-3505 CALL US FOR EROSION SOCK Wire Back Silt Fence. Silt fences often available sizes ranging from 5’x6’ to 30’x30’ silt fence. Filter  Sediment basins are not as effective in controlling fine particles (i. compost sock would be equal to that of a compost berm once the sock was removed. Typical roll sizes are 3’x100’ with 48” hardwood stakes installed at 8’ or 10’ on center. This compost filter sock is manufactured as both a wattle and a continuous  Soil-Tek employs silt fence, e-tube filter sock, straw wattles, inlet protection, ECB, You can choose from a large variety of sizes and technologies to ensure  Silt fence is commonly used to contain sediment on active jobsites. The black fence comes with wood posts for easier installation. Ideal For Site Dewatering; Replaces Sedimentation Basin Faircloth Skimmers are available in sizes ranging from 1 1/2″ for small sediment traps to 8″ for large basins SILT SOCK → Silt Sock Product Information Silt Savers produces this product in various grades. Vis. 239. Makers of SiltSoxx, GroSoxx, EnviroSoxx and StormExx. 00 Get it as soon as Tue, Aug 4 Filtrexx is the inventor of the compost filter sock (silt sock) for sediment & erosion control, stormwater management, green infrastructure, low impact development, pollutant removal and living walls applications. 22%, while the silt fence restricted between 5% and 29%. Product details. Ecospill Silt Socks are flat packed, ready for filling with sand or gravel. These durable bag filters are made of polypropylene or polyester felt and mesh, in sizes from 5 microns to 200 microns. The pipe is going to carry away water from two downspouts also. 800-443-7879 Local 641-472-4786 Fax 641-472-4419 Laus Deo (“Praise be to God”) Oct 15, 2003 · os-299 (7-08) publication: pennsylvania transmittal letter pub 464 department of transportation www. It is placed around the sump basin before it goes into the Silt Socks. Likewise, a women's 9-11 sock will typically fit U. 5 AWG 32" x 110" Field Wire 70 Gram Fabric: 20: Wire Back Silt Fence: 3' x 330' 12. men's shoe sizes 8-12. Fence fabric must be installed 6-12” into soil and backfilled. The sock is an effective erosion control device with a lower profile making your project easier to access and more aesthetically pleasing. $225. SiltSocks are primarily used to prevent silt from entering stormwater drains and can be used in   The Slate sock is constructed from our signature Micro Plush 3mm neoprene and features an abrasion-resistant Kevlar sole. 1. Filter Sock (Filled). Most size are sold with Hardwood Stakes. 5 3 - 5 Years S 7 - 8. We offer products such as Silt Fence, Frame & Filter Assembly, Dewatering Bag, & more 8. Silt Sock for Sediment and Erosion Control by New Pig - Divert, control, and trap sediment and debris, Black 10’ L - PMB30031 $69. Brush piles g. by 10' long, our sturdy Filter Socks will remove suspended solids between 100 to 140 micron while filtering out oil, oil sheen, and oil-borne contaminants. We offer 3 diameter sizes; 9”, 12”, and 20”. Many sizes available upon request. Washed gravel is more effective, and if you can get rock delivered to the  It stops silt and sediment The Only Compost Filter Sock Approved By: US EPA Regulatory. 5’x15’. Socks are either 100% biodegradable & will decompose completely if buried, or are 100% photo-degradable & will degrade & completely deteriorate above ground due to the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Coir silt checks provide effective BMP’s for sediment control during construction. SiltTex® Inlet Protection Made from a high strength monofilament geotextile, SiltTex® Inlet Protection captures sediment from construction site run-off. 5: M SOCK SIZE KIDS' SHOE SIZE WOMEN'S SHOE SIZE MEN'S SHOE SIZE; S: 3Y–5Y: 4–6: M: 5Y–7Y: 6–10: 6–8: L: 10–13: 8–12: XL: 12–15: FREE RETURNS. Our Silt Socks offer you a cost effective and low maintenance option to retain silt, sediment and reduce erosion on your job site. 09 $2. particle sizes, which will affect the filtration performance and longevity. 002 mm. Fill filter sock with compost. This is accomplished by a filter fabric filled with organic material. Dirtbag ® dewatering bags remove silt, sand, and other debris from pumped water on construction sites, ponds, dredging locations and more. Silt has a smooth texture and forms a crust when it gets wet. No compost should have particle sizes larger Filter bags are ideal for construction site dewatering and are puncture and tear resistant. 5 4 - 7 Years M 8 - 9. Enough hardware is supplied with each unit to connect the next unit. Coarser grade compost is better for filtration and is less likely to be disturbed by rainfall or runoff. All filters are rated at nominal filter ratings. Welcome to Silky Socks, your one stop shop for custom silky socks, sleeves, and shirts! Shop now for blanks and print it yourself, customize and let us print for you, or Silky designs! We got you covered and promise to bless your feet! I use these in my hiking boots inside of a medium weight would sock to prevent blisters. This unique capability sets us apart from Erosion Control Services: Silt Fence Installation and Maintenance; Silt Sock Blown in and installed on-site  Also available 50mtr continuous silt socks: simply cut to size and tie the ends. 8" x 20". Find erosion control wattles & logs at Lowe's today. SwitchSock is also available in any custom size required for your project Road Wattle: Preventing sediment from migrating from access roads, equipment yards, or stream crossings is why the Diamond Sock Road Wattle was created. Silt Sock. Use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you. Filter Socks: 1. Home; Contact Us; Sizes and pricing; Filled sock (513) 218-3505. 99 % passing 2-in. Mulch (Slash) 49 3. 95. Custom fabrication is available. E-tube is a product manufactured and palletized by Soil-Tek at our facility. x 5' long filter sock Ranging from 3" dia. Compost filter socks can be used in many construction site Riser-pipe orifice sizes may be approximated by the. Guttergator is designed for inlets without grates where a high water flow is required Silt Sacks provide a cost effective way to prevent silt and sediment from entering the Shop our selection of quality utility fencing, available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs. (FLR100/50). They are strong, durable, natural, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and economical. sizes. See Table 1. We currently have two types of timber mats available; mixed hardwood and cross-laminated timber mats. Availability: Special Order. Nov 26, 2008 · 26-28 inches deep, 2-3 inches gravel in the bottom, 4 inch corrugated tile pipe with silt sock, and fill the trench the rest of the way with gravel. Control the flow of sediment and oil out of headwall and other types of pipes. 12″ Filtrexx Silt Sock Pallet 50′ Seed Aid TM Straw Substitute—50 pound bag; Penn DOT and DEP Custom Seed Blends Available—Ask for a; Quote Today. Silt sock provides environmental containment while ensuring that the surrounding area is not contaminated due to the work site. Book Appointment. The fence is used in high water flow areas where a lot of sediment is present. silt fence to meet any requirement. Gilliland Energy’s professionals have the knowledge and equipment to provide: Compost Filter Sock Fabrication & Installation (Silt sock installtion) Silt -Silt sock is a filter fabric sock that is filled with woodchips. Earth Checks 40 3. And we’re actually here and ready to help out if you are just too stumped! Call us at (800) 930-0955 or email hello Unlike Silt Fence, Compost Filter Sock and Silt Sock eliminate the need to return to the site for removal; simply slice open the netting and leave the compost to decompose naturally. Because the liner fits tightly to your foot, and the outer sock tends to hold tight to the boot when damp, the slipping goes on between the socks, instead of between the skin of your heel and the sock. Filter sock netting: 5mm thick continuous  What sizes do Siltsoxx come in? Filtrexx Siltsoxx come in a variety of thicknesses, lengths, and weights. Measurement: Measurement will be in linear feet for each size of filter sock. Inlet Protection 54 2. It’s an environmentally friendly product that either settles out or filters out sediment from run-off water on jobsites during rain events. Exclusive plants, unique by their sizes and forms! Leave Us A Review. See size chart below to determine kids' sock size (both alpha size and specific sock size) from shoe size or from kid's age. Dewatering filter socks are great for filtering silt and sediment from construction sites and have components that meet DOT erosion and sediment control regulations. Silt Socks allow water to flow through at a controlled rate while … Super Silt Fence is used in severe erosion conditions. • Weather resistant packaging - wrapped pallet or in a super sack The leader of on-site compost filter sock installation as well as installing compost Diamond sock from pallets within the union oil and gas pipeline industry. Silt Fence (2'x100' with stakes) Silt Sock comes in 8" x 10' pre-cut section, or 8" x 190' continuous (in stock, can order other sizes for next day delivery) Silt Sacks 2' x 4' x 3' Green Pond Environmental maintains a large inventory of pre-filled, palletized and wrapped Jersey Silt Sock in the most commonly requested sizes. 5 AWG 32" x 330" Field Wire 100 Gram Fabric: 25: Wire Back Silt Fence: 3' x 110' 12. . Filter socks come in mesh or felt and with a plastic ring or drawstring. For socks, the ratio of coarse to fine grades should be 1:1. Compost socks have been used Layfield's Silt bag is generally constructed from a sturdy nonwoven geotextile such as LP6 or LP8 and comes with a fabric flange fitted for 6" hose. Men's Sock Size Chart. These values reflect averages of many data sources. silt fence. FACT. Custom sizes and materials are available by special order. Much like the Erosion Eel, it is also filled with recycled tires and the same durable design. 5 6 - 9 Years L 9 - 11 4 - 10 10 & Up XL 10 - 13 6 - 12 Tall Silt Saver provides solutions for soil erosion and sediment control. $300. 0 Silty clay loam 6. Has a functional longevity of up to 24 months. The Gutter Eel is a self weighted curb inlet protection device. The compost filter sock is typically avail-able in 8-inch (200 mm), 12-inch (300 mm), 18-inch (450 mm), and 24-inch (600 mm) diameters. Synthetic Checks 42 B. 8", 12", 18" and 24" available. Do you guys still think I need to line the trench with fabric or is the silt sock take care of that for me. Designed to pond or trap silt behind fabric. , and 12 in x 15 ft. Silt Fence is a temporary or construction fence made from plastic. BARRIERS 48-53 1. 4 Jan 2011 compost filter socks as a stormwater filtration practice and provides for biological stability and particle size distribution, performance may be  Compost filter socks are a three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm B. 5 AWG 32″x 110′ Field Wire The durable polypropylene geotextile (woven) sock engineered specifically for erosion and sediment control applications is offered in 8-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch diameter sizes at 500 feet per roll. 2 Apr 2010 however, little control exists over the finer silt and clay-sized particles. 200 Micron Filter Sock. Box 1105 Richmond, VA 23218 (804) 698-4000 The Erosion Eel is backed by independent testing and out performs most other BMPs. Pump Sock (PP-12) The Pump Sock protects all sizes of submersible pumps from large debris and allows for better water flow and cooling of pump. 05) were found between middle range particle sizes of compost filter media used in the filter socks and reduction of turbidity in runoff; however, hydraulic flow rate was a better indica- However, when it rains, a whole lot of other pollutants make it's way down the drain too. Our silt sock is a high-quality erosion control product designed to allow water to flow through while containing dirt and sediment. Dewatering Bags, also known as sediment filter bags or silt bags, are an easy and economical option for any site looking to remove sediment or silt from their discharge. Jersey Silt Sock, powered by FILTREXX, is a linear, mesh tube containing a composted wood median that is free of contaminates. Once fully drained, The Silt Bag and it's contents can be disposed of as a solid waste, an economical alternative to waste water or sludge disposal. Products Available: 3′ X 330′ 70 Gram Wireback w/ 14. E-tube Filter Sock. Sizes  1 Nov 2016 Compost Filter Sock . Diamond Sock is filled with a hardwood mulch mix and wrapped in a blue netting. Material Specs. SKU: Sediment-005 Category: Silt/sediment control Recommend Compost Filter Sock Applications: A range of sizes are available including our custom, ‘made to measure’ service. Silt Traps44 2. x 10' long filter sock, will hold up to 3. We supply a variety of wattles in order to provide options for fill, sock and size. Item #SFS8-10, our 8"dia. Made From High Quality Geotextile; Available In Roll Form (Sock). Filter Sock used for perimeter control, slopes, waterway protection. The High Visibility Silt Sock prevents silt run off into stormwater drains and off driveways or SIZES: 150mm dia. x 50m roll. US Filter Bags are made from a US 205NW a medium-weight, nonwoven, needlepunched, polypropylene geotextile. Filter Bags are con-structed of non-woven geotextile material that filters soil particlesgreater than 150 microns (. Bio-Wattle. Only Filtrexx has the independent test data to prove its The sock size listed on the packaging (unless otherwise specified) is the length of the foot in inches, not the shoe size. INLETOUTLET/ PROTECTION 54-58 1. H x 2-1/2 in. 5 9 - 2. Filtrexx SiltSoxx is a tubular device filled with FilterMedia encased in Filtrexx Mesh for sediment & erosion control, pollutant removal & stormwater management applications. Size of Hole. 00 a foot to install. Call Us at 1-800-474-7294 for expert service. 5-5. erosion prevention and sediment control pipe sizes 15" to 78", all skews, 2:1 and 4:1 slopes Silt Sock. Compost filter sock is an open mesh fabric tube, filled with composted ground organic material such as yard waste and land clearing debris. Ag Pipe comes in rolls 10m and 20m and each coil is fitted with a Coupling and filter sock. SiltFence is a requirement to be used around construction and earthworks sites to prevent the silt running off the construction zone in an uncontrolled manner, polluting our waterways. Item #92313. Inlet Protection Sacks – These products filter silt and debris before it enters the storm water inlet. 1675 The silt sock is an effective, proven perimeter control devise. 1 Jun 2016 Figure 26: Silt socks can be used as a check structure on a low Soil texture refers to the particle sizes and their relative proportions that make  SiltSocks are avalable in a range of sizes of filled and unfilled. Easy Install Filled socks may be used as an alternative to silt fence in many areas. Greater All-terrain compost filter sock, silt fence, hydroseeding, mulching, erosion matting We maintain a fleet of unique, highly equipped all-terrain crawler carriers and other specialized vehicles to access the most complex and remote locations. Silt Socks allow water to flow through at a controlled rate while trapping sediment. 0 Watch out for steep-to-flat grade changes and Hickenbottom®, Inc. Designed for: Reducing sediment loss on work sites; Retaining sediment whilst allowing water to pass through the Silt Sock; Increase stormwater filtration Zero landfill & 100% natural on-site degradation, no need for removal or disposal cost. The plastic ring fits common sump holders. Available in three standard sizes to fit any variety of inlets; Available with optional oil absorbents; Available with patented curb-filtering technology (Dandy Curb Sack) Installation and Maintenance Guidelines Installation: Remove the grate from catch basin. 2′ and 3′ stakes available. Filter Socks. us subject: date: au ust 12 2013 publication 464 - maintenance field reference for erosion and sedimentation Whether you’re installing roads, pipelines, sewers, safety fences or looking for a storm water solution, terrafix® can help. Hydraulic flow-through rates for compost filter socks are 50% greater than silt fence filter fabric. 5 ga. Still not Sizes can vary across different brands, and sock sizes are different than shoe sizes, taking the confusion to a whole new level. Felt Filter Sock is better at removing particles than mesh but can clog faster. Home - Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Transportation Virginia Department of Environmental Quality P. If sock netting must be joined, fit beginning of the new sock over the end of the old sock, overlapping by 1–2 ft. us subject: date: au ust 12 2013 publication 464 - maintenance field reference for erosion and sedimentation A SedCatch® Dewatering Sock works great on smaller pumps. ✓. Contact Us. We offer a variety of sizes that are palletized and ready to ship. This improves the quality of water before it is reintroduced back into the drainage system. Compost Filter Socks can be installed down slope of any disturbed area where erosion and sediment control are necessary due to storm water runoff. Silt Socks are  5 Apr 2017 Peter Tonn, president of Silt Sock Erosion Control Products in control to select environmentally sound filler material, properly sized for the  Cirtex® SiltSocks are robust, permeable socks used to divert and filter runoff on hard surfaces. Design consideration should be given to the May 31, 2015 · If 36" fence won't cut it the dep has you use silt sock of different sizes depending on slope and disturbed area. SiltSocks SiltSock & Cesspit Filter Bag Code. At that price we don't even try to do it our selves. 5 AWG 32″x 330′ Field Wire; 3′ X 110′ 70 Gram Wireback w/ 14. Their widths range from 5” to 18,” and lengths  Minimize erosion from storm water with these Storm water Sediment Filter Socks by New Pig. x 300 ft. 06 mm to 0. 2015-1502-WPD Prepared for: Department of Energy and Environment Watershed Protection Division 1200 First Street NE SwitchSock is offered in Palletized form in sizes 8”, 12” 18” and 24” . Matrax Welded Outrigger Pads. Easy Installation To install pre-assembled silt fence, drive stakes on site, backfill, and compact. We also have a 9-inch biodegradable cotton filter sock available in 500 foot rolls. 2 for standard design specifications for maximum allowable slope lengths. Rock Checks 41 4. Ecospill provides Australian industry and manufacturing with premium-quality spill kits, ensuring the safety of the local environment and your workforce. Fabric sold in the following sizes (diameter)   6 Nov 2017 Channel stabilization and streambank protection—Design criteria for sizing stone for stability of channels are contained in Appendix 8. Explore your options. To be compliant with some of the erosion control schedules, there may be a need relocate the sock after it’s been installed during, or prior to the clearing and grubbing operations. At Matrax, we offer outrigger pads of all shapes & sizes. 05. Grade. Roll size   We have the capability to use a variety of materials for filter sock installation in varying sizes. Diamond Sock General Details: • 8,12, 18 and 24-inch diameters, continuous or pre-cuts. 8" standard fabric 1050 ft roll. for pricing and availability. Our Blower Trucks allow us to reach difficult areas for erosion control measures including mulching and the installation of filter socks. Click here to request a price quote Super Silt Fence Kits (6 ga. Supreme Industries’ land-clearing division is a full-service union land clearing and grubbing company equipped to tackle projects of any size and scope. 00 cfm - Wisconsin supplier of Erosion Control Products, Straw Blankets, Geotextiles, Silt Fence, Drain Tile, Polymer, Silt Sock,Gabions, and more! Silt Snake is an affordable tubular filtration sock constructed of compost and shavings designed to provide maximum filtration, filter water runoff and control sediment loss; even extreme conditions. Installation of the dewatering filter socks is designed to be a simple process and can be achieved through the following steps: Secure one end of the pipe sock with zip ties. silt sock sizes

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