The Mascot GmbH sees itself as more of a nationally and internationally active non-food service provider of the chain-affiliated retail industry than as a wholesale dealer for household goods and cleaning supplies.

 We offer mechanical hygiene and cleaning solutions not only for the requirements of private households, but also for professional cleaning. However, we are also increasingly concentrating on the development of ideas, concepts and problem solutions for retail trade.

The extensive assortment of goods of the Mascot GmbH in the non-food sector is supplemented by our in-house brand SWIP. Because of our detailed and proactive knowledge of the market, we are also able to support our customers with new ideas and concepts. Furthermore, the entire product range is also available as a private label. 

 Mascot GmbH delivers cleaning products to various domestic and international customer groups. For example, self-serve retail companies, convenience stores and supermarkets, department and furniture stores, discount stores, home improvement and chemists’ shops, mail-order companies, food retailers as well as speciality retailers and professional cleaning companies.

 Years of experience, especially with non-wovens, brings with it the best products and market knowledge. Likewise, expertise in the industry and retail form the basis for close cooperative supplier-customer relations; from which both parties will benefit in the long-term.